The Life System


For years I was using a multitude of dispersed lists, files and documents to organise what I was doing, when I was doing it and why. I inconsistently stored and organised my troves of information while I constantly jumped between goals and projects.

I decided to bring it all together into a simpler, easier and more elegant solution which I call “The Life System” (best name I could come up with). When I showed it to my friends they were very enthusiastic about it. This encouraged me to create this online guide which explains what its all about and how to build your own.


Personal Goals and Productivity – Define and achieve your goals in both the long and short term.

Personal Growth – Facilitate growth of knowledge, wisdom and personal character.

Life Fulfilment – Improve your sense of a well lived life through recording life history.

Knowledge Storage – Record your own personal body of knowledge and ideas on all topics

If you want to achieve all of these things then I think you will be pleasantly surprised after you implement the Life System.

To make it quick and easy to set up I have compiled the full setup guide and examples into a ready to go OneNote template which you can easily import. Get the OneNote template for free.

(OneNote is also free for both PC and Mac and syncs across all devices. Download OneNote)

Here’s a sneak preview…

It may seem a bit difficult to understand at first but I assure you that it will become crystal clear very quickly as you work through the steps to initially set it up. It really is a very simple system which you can modify to suit yourself.

What You Need

1)   A note taking app – I use OneNote (free) but there are other alternatives including Evernote.

2)  A place to store your files – I use OneDrive which integrates with OneNote. Main alternatives are Google Drive or iCloud. The point is you should be able to access your files everywhere and they are safe from hard drive failure.

3)  Article/video saving app – I use Pocket (free). It allows you to temporarily save articles and videos for further viewing. After which you can discard them or file the ones you might need in the future.

4)  Calendar and Reminder app – Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook are good, the native apps in Windows 10 or Mac OS do just fine for this as well.

5)  Time – At least 1 hour to set up. A small investment considering the hours each week that you will be saving.

Setting it Up

The core of the system is the note taking app of your choice which can sync across devices so you always have access.

The following 9 steps constitute the core components of the life system.

Step 1: Actions and Objectives
Step 2: Life Record
Step 3: Projects
Step 4: Character
Step 5: Relationships
Step 6: Experience
Step 7: Knowledge
Step 8: Philosophies
Step 9: Establish Work Flows

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