Actions and Objectives

This section allows for defining long term and short term goals as well as ensuring that your decisions and actions remain aligned to achieving them. It also incorporates a simple productivity management system.

Goals Setting

In your notes app set up the following pages. Or if you like you can put them all on one page so that you can view them simultaneously.

Here is an Example:


Life Goals – Everything you want to accomplish in your life. Not minor things like swimming with dolphins (these go in the experience section).

Year Goals – Each year a list of goals needs to be decided. It is important that all of these goals are aligned with one or more of your life goals to ensure you are heading where you want to. It is a good idea to mark roughly which month you plan to begin and complete the goal by. Yearly goals will come from projects, experiences or character sections.

Weekly Goals – Each week a list of goals for the week needs to be developed. These should mostly originate from the yearly goals but will also include some more mundane short term stuff that life constantly throws at you. It is important that you focus the majority of your energy on one of your yearly goals at a time to ensure speedy accomplishment. Within this list there should be one non-fiction book that you are currently reading and one habit that you are currently developing. (More on this in further sections)

Soon – this is your backlog of non urgent work which you can pull into your weekly plan or pick up whenever you have spare time.

Scheduling and To Do

Most of you will already have your own system for this but here is the way I do it.

Using the Calendar app for Scheduling, To Do and reminders in the following ways:

Time specific activities – Meetings, appointments, tasks with a time.

Repeat reminders – Things you want to be reminded of regularly including habits you are developing. eg. write my 5 minute journal today or exercise

Daily To Do list – If you set these as tasks in your app for a specific day but without a specific time they will sit there as a list which you can tick off when completed. If not completed by the end of the day they will roll over into the next day.

Step 2: Life record