This section is devoted to gaining knowledge. It covers all sources where you can download knowledge into your brain.


Add the following pages to the knowledge section of your notes app:

Books to Read – This is your backlog of books that you want to read. This feeds the book part of the weekly plan.

Books to Research – This is where you list books that you have heard about but you want to do a bit more research before committing it to your reading list.

Reread List – Books you have read but want to reinforce into your brain. Set a date when you want to read it again. Maybe in a few months or years time. Some books you might want to continuously reread over your life.

Good Books – A list of books that you have read and would gladly recommend to others.

Research Topics

Pages full of the results of your research. As you read books you can take out the key points and compile them into the relevant topic.

Articles and videos

Whenever you come across an article or a video but don’t have time to read it now you can save it to a read later app like Pocket (free).

If particular articles or videos are useful for future reference it is important to clip them into your note taking app or print them to pdf. This removes the risk of the website taking down the material in the future – I don’t believe in bookmarks for this reason.

Step 7: Experience