Life Record

This is where you record your memories and reflections on daily events as well as reflect and assess them. This fosters continuous improvement and a feeling of life fulfilment.

5 Minute Journal

Establishing this into your daily routine serves three primary purposes:

  • Thinking about the day ahead to keep focus on what is most important.
  • Reflecting how your day went to feel a sense of accomplishment and assess how you could have improved. It also serves to pick up anything that might be bothering you and make it explicit through writing.
  • Recording major events so that you can reference them in the future and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Morning – 2 mins

  • What will make today great
  • Most Important thing to do today

Evening – 3 mins

  • Top Three things that happened today
  • How could I have made today better
  • Any Other thoughts

Annual reflections

Each year sit down and write an A4 page or two about how the year went for you. This creates a sense of fulfilment at your achievements and serves as a point to review you could have done better. It also serves as a point to develop the goals for next year.

The headings I use in my annual reflections:

  • What happened
  • Lessons Learned
  • Goals for Next year
  • Notable People This Year

Photos and Videos

Recording photos and videos is critical to supplement your written record and ensure that great events in your life to not slowly disintegrate with time. Assume you will probably forget if there is no picture to jog the memory.

I store all my files in folders by year to make it easier to navigate. It is very important to have this files backed up to the cloud in case of hard drive failure.

Step 3: Projects